Thursday, January 29, 2009

Words of Passion

nor can anyone else,
really live without belief.
Belief in something greater than ourselves alone..
belief in Life..

I sit here,
writing as time gradually passes by,
envisioning about life beyond this.
I have met many people in my existence of almost 16 years,
some putting all their faith into one thing
some putting all their faith into nothing.
Is there any point to life? Or are we just an accident waiting to destroy itself?
So many questions, yet life is too short to answer them all.
I want to do the most I can with my life before its too late...but I’m just sitting here...
instead of actually pursuing these words of passion.
Hoping they will come to me…just fall in my arms...
I have no other way to find my passion in find her.
My body goes limp, with a warm breathless feeling when she comes to mind...
as if I have known her my whole life.
She has a smile worth dying for.
Her eyes,
more than just a God given gift to see,
they show her soul.
Looking into her eyes only I can see her true self:
seeing life for more than it is,
She loves like no other,
Breathes like no other,
She is her own.
She is mine.
With every expression,
living movement she makes,
She keeps me in awe...and takes my breath away...
she has no effort to...yet she does it with every heart beat.
She is the reason I am alive.
I question myself if she is only an image of thought.
but my imagination is not vivid enough to keep me alive.
She must be real.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

With Perception and Acumen;

15 years since my birth,
i stand here staring at the earth,
wondering why i'm here,
what ever the purpose,
i welcome it without fear.
this world has shown its true face to me,
its not somewhere pleasant,
not somewhere i want to be,
but i have no choice,
this world gives more than what it shows.
this world gives me my voice.

without this world,
without men or women,
without life or experience,
without God,
we would be nothing.

days create memories faster
than the brain can comprehend in wording.
so fast, yet slow enough to appreciate;
time falls through our fingers like sand on a windy day.
live for what you want.
life only comes once.

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