Thursday, June 18, 2009


I find myself alone,
in this half-lit room.
secluded, my thoughts have taken me once again.
while florescent, green leaves outside
breathe the essence of the wind,
I gaze out the window of dreams,
from the floor of reality.
and from within my view,
a motion blurred face stares me in the eye.
its voice, piercing my soul,
speaks to me.
it tells me to not give up.
this window will open, once I obtain the strength needed.

my choices shape the strength to come.
hope is all I have left,
as I strive to proceed in a path of beneficial decisions.
Yet I still discover myself sitting here,
and for what reason?
to continuously gape at my stenciled silhouette on the wall?
I sit here thinking.
Shaping my future by thought,
as thoughts become reality.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Solid Mirage.

Leave what is considered and follow what is true.

I've had you before.
What have I done?
You are one that i could fall for, over and over again.
As the cast outside fades to a shade
only known by the light of the moon,
I close my eyes.
Time hastily sifts through my surroundings.
I sleep my way to tomorrow,
hoping i am one day closer of grasping your presence.
Like the sun beyond the horizon,
your twilight, ever planning to keep me intrigued,
it leaves me in awe, giving me inspiration to live.
The innocence that your eyes portray is stolen by the avail of your lips.
That sweet smile,
it sends a warm, vibrant emotion through me;
it grabs my soul and drowns me beneath the sound of a beating heart.
my beating heart.
it bleeds for you.
but what it longs for can never be simple.
its given its complexity by the virtue of fate.
You search near, as i am far.
My time is only moments spent in thought of you.
one after the other, i find myself losing today in spite of tomorrow,
craving what i feel might never be.

Monday, June 1, 2009

Sore Sight

If we are capable of making choices
and shaping the world in our own image,
its obvious we are more than human.
We have souls.
So why do we waste lifetimes conflicting over what we see?
Why can't we all see beyond the reputation, money, and skin color?
Look deeper into what you see.
Don't judge the structure of what keeps someone or something alive.
Feel the essence of what brings them into existence.

Be more than human.
Be you.

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