Friday, October 30, 2009

An Unamed Road.

Leaves of a hazy yellow, fall to the ground.
As brisk winds nip at our noses,
I ask you, "Where is it we are headed?"
And you reply only to point at the endless road ahead.
Our hands hold tight, as the warmth of your smile grasps what my eyes covet for.
You lean in to leave a signature among my lips.
The atmosphere and sight itself begin to fade.
Emptiness is now before my eyes, leading confusion.
The sky is dark, with only holes of light to guide my path.
The road ahead has now sifted into an ever long fog,
Blinding my sight on what may come next
A whisper in the wind speaks through the soft tone of your voice,
Intriguing me to not to lose motivation.
Where ever you may be, you are always there awaiting,
My presence.
I know not where,
Nor when our acquaintance will be held.
But I, nor you, shall give up and surrender the result of this long journey.
I put one foot in front of the other, walking without knowledge of the obstacles ahead.
As Trust guides me,
Optimism picks me up when I fall,
While Hope pushes me forward to find you,
I am on my way.
Do not lose grip of the persistance of Love.
For it is all we have left in this world.
Without Love, life itself is pointless.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Nothing more, nothing less.

Loving you would be like a musician loving one who is deaf.
Yet, you remain the only one who has captured my heart and fed it the love it desires.
You intrigue me more and more each time I am within your presence.
If only you could see past the sandy shore and onto the horizon;
Your ignorance to the meaning of existence is greater than you have perceived.
Oh, how I stay in thought of who you are, rather than who you present.
Heavy breaths ease my thought, my thought of you, as I ponder solely on love;
Nothing more, nothing less.
Love like yours is what I strive for.
I remain at a loss for words as our hands hold tight but our eyes hold opposed sights.
We attempt to walk in the direction portrayed by our mind, but we gain no progress.
Our hearts keep our souls from dissevering and our eyes keep our beliefs a burden.
I gaze at the sight of our being; what is there to build off of?
We are an inconceivable pair upon an inconceivable situation.
Surrounded by confusion and contradiction, passion is all we have left.
With a love like ours, that may be all we need.
Is it enough to get by?
Or will it only complicate and distort ripples to effect us within the time to come?
You seem to sweet to leave a bitter taste.
But neither of us want to be left with a result we cannot withstand;
Therefore we continue our lives as opposite magnets separated by glass.
Nothing more, nothing less.

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