Saturday, January 2, 2010

A Ballad of Inspiration.

Ever had a taste for something you've never had,
But found, in the end, it was only a ballad?
A ballad of a life story.
A ballad of an aspiration.
A ballad of hunger and passion.
Easing out of obscurity, an entity connected and related to you.
It touched your inner soul and had you asking for more.
This evident presence consistently persisted on you to continue singing your song.
This energy within overcame your present thoughts and grasped the aspirations you desired.
And as these illuminations awoke, they cited destinations falling in.
Destinations only day dreamers could imagine, yet made them obtainable.
Imagination was shown as anything and everything,
Creating the world around you as it passed by as fast as the impulse of a thought,
Supplying an entirety of all you never knew,
Yet all, if not more than, you've ever sought.
An entirety abundant of bounties unseen.
Bounties forever prospering and keen.
This inspiration lives for you.
This inspiration lives in you.
It lives for ballads like your own.
Fore without such aspiration there would be no inspiration.


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