Thursday, June 18, 2009


I find myself alone,
in this half-lit room.
secluded, my thoughts have taken me once again.
while florescent, green leaves outside
breathe the essence of the wind,
I gaze out the window of dreams,
from the floor of reality.
and from within my view,
a motion blurred face stares me in the eye.
its voice, piercing my soul,
speaks to me.
it tells me to not give up.
this window will open, once I obtain the strength needed.

my choices shape the strength to come.
hope is all I have left,
as I strive to proceed in a path of beneficial decisions.
Yet I still discover myself sitting here,
and for what reason?
to continuously gape at my stenciled silhouette on the wall?
I sit here thinking.
Shaping my future by thought,
as thoughts become reality.


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