Saturday, January 9, 2010

Rejuvenation .

The status of a friendship born,
Remains simplistic,
Yet I still uncover the trails of footprints familiar,
Following these steps with interest keen,
They lead to a place I've seen,
The only place where I feel alive,
The only place where every sound silences for the beating of a heart,
These thunderous pulses scream your name,
An identity vague,
Your knowledge of my true presence abides in shade,
Do not leave in discomfort,
Do not run,
Let me show you life,
Let me show you friendship,
Hand in hand,
Let me show you love,
I hold the key you seek,
The key you may have forgotten,
Do to the secrets others cannot keep,
That they are only imitations of your desire,
Answers await past this false reality,
Far past what your eyes can see,
Leave your trust with me,
With out regret nor hesitation,
We shall proceed.


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