Wednesday, February 17, 2010

The Usual Unpredictable

You had my hand,
You had my trust,
You sought curiosity,
You sought lust,
You heard my voice but did not listen.
You asked for conviction.
Why must you have chased after temptation?
Is it gravity's power you seek?
To fall and fall, obsolete?
Or was it merely for the experience?
An understanding of a creed?
Whatever the reason,
Whatever the greed,
My eyes have shifted once more,
Sadly, the sight of you is torn,
Our friendship continues to fold,
Only time can bridge the gap we hold,
When I see you,
When I hear you,
When you see me,
When you hear me,
Its as if we confess and confide,
only to hide,
what we truly mean.
What's the point?
To waste breath?
To try what might never fly?
Why lie?
Its competition or confession,
nothing more, nothing less.
Lets not waste breath.

Friday, February 12, 2010

Image of Noise.

I am of my own;
I am all alone.
Getting myself from place to place;
All you know of me, is my face.
Close your eyes.
Let your hand rest
above the heart beating within my chest.
Listen, as my thoughts escape into emotions.
Follow my voice,
Follow the notion.
The notion of my love,
my being.
The essence of breathing.
Can you feel me now?
Why do you crave my attention
when it only keeps you guessin'
whether or not
I'm what you've always fought
See a face.
Hear a voice.
See an image.
Hear a noise.
Feel my face.
Feel my voice.
I am more than an image of noise.

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