Monday, May 31, 2010

Indigo Skies

Image above: The Blue Truth (Edited by Caleb Martinez)

Indigo skies,
take me by surprise,
As day is now night,
there is no one in sight.
I walk next to blue
bodies of water.
This feeling I have
does not get hotter.
My skin tingles, cold and aware
of every breeze of wind, that runs through my hair.
Somewhere, deep in my soul,
Your love lives within me.
You tell me where to go.
But your voice is so quiet,
a whisper, nearly silent.
It makes me feel crazy and alone,
As no one hears me, but my inner soul.

Sunday, May 23, 2010

What Really Matters

Sometimes it feels as if I earn this pain,
Through honesty, truth, and love.
Why do the good suffer more in this deceptive world, than those fallen to deceit?
It makes no sense.
We love those who are in need.
We do not deceive others.
We bring true justice upon vile men.
Yet we are left with the short end of the stick...
Do we appear to be weak in some manner of low integrity?
Because we make choices others would not dare to make?
Because we sacrifice ourselves to benefit others?
Because we dare to lose our all, to win love,
to win peace?
If that is the case, this world has shown itself weak.
Sacrificing their lives, for mere items,
things that will never see past this life.
I sit in sorrow for humanity,
as it falls into it's self-made hell,
only to fall into the hell below, subsequently.
With no honor, no love,
only mere justice,
they fall.
They fall far below the ones who have spoken truth from their heart,
the ones who have bitten their tongues before those who create opposition,
the righteous, who have stood for justice,
the honest, who have stood for truth,
the peaceful, who have stood for love and tranquility.
While those selfish and oblique in morality, stand for corruption, hurt, and overall, evil.
There is no "in-between" when it comes to actions.
Choices made by a mere human are strictly Good or Evil.
We are here, only upon a request of test,
a confirmation of our determination,
and our self-sacrifice.
We choose what this world is to become.
Choose wisely.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

I sleep for tomorrow.

Image above: I sleep alone (=HannahHavoc)

I am tired of this place.
Tired of worry.
Tired of what this world makes people become.
Tired of being alone.
Tired of caring for others who treat me unjust.
Tired of thought.
I am tired of being tired.
Good night.

A Desert of Desolation.

Image above: Lost in the desert.

They see my care.
They see my compassion.
So why am I being ignored? Why am I being pushed aside from you?
Why am I so desolate?
I miss you.
I miss love.
I miss having someone who makes me feel part of existence,
Part of them.
I miss having someone who takes time to understand my say in things,
Someone who makes me feel like my voice isn't just adding to the static noise in this world;
That I am different;
That I am someone.
I miss seeing your face, with that sweet smile,
that some how, I have planted.
Your smile seems to stop time.
All my thoughts,
as the warmth of your lips,
unveil an unforgettable emotion,
that somehow, grasps at my soul.
This Love,
It scars my memory.
Like trying to erase pen,
a timeline of emotion has bled into my mind,
never to be forgotten.
I learn,
from the happiness,
the importance,
the optimism,
you have left me,
and from the abandoning hurt,
the tears that have dug into my skin,
the selfishness,
and the ignorance,
you have shown me.
I feel as if I am lost within a desert of loneliness,
Screaming your name, when you are nowhere to be found,
No one hears my voice.
No one sees my face.
I do not know where I am or where I am headed.
The only reoccurring thought within my head,
is to quench this thirst,
to find you.
The thought of you is my only motive,
to continue straggling along through this pain,
to continue breathing,
to continue living.
Where are you?

Friday, May 14, 2010

A Luminous Curiosity.

Why am I here?
Why am I breathing?
My heart beats consistently as one day melts into the next, keeping me alive,within existence, only to write such thoughts down.
Coming to understand this place, this time, these people, is beyond my comprehension;
I am continuously left in awe.
Though frustration and/or confusion are usually key results,
I would rather be left without answer than left without question.
For confusion can lead to the craving of understanding,
which can only be considered admiration.
My admiration for life,
for understanding,
is more than I believe anyone around me can perceive.
At this point in time, I am merely limited to observation.
A child filled with words and interest is all I am;
Questioning to sustain my curiosity,
my observations.
My thought is much deeper than my words and actions.
Yet words are all I have to express and/or release my thoughts.
And after so much contemplation,
one can lose himself to thought and thought alone, adrift from reality.
So much knowledge for so little understanding can decay the mind, without opinion.
Yet opinion, solely, is the unique ability we humans obtain.
It defines who we are,
what we are.
It gives reason to love,
to communicate,
to act,
to attempt to understand.
Yet it does not give reason to live,
to exist.
And if it does,
I have not found a reason why.
Do we need a reason why?
Why can't we just live without question?
Why can't I?

Thursday, May 13, 2010

One Nation, Under Capitalism.

Image above: One Nation, Under Capitalism (Caleb Martinez)

Do you know what it is like to live within a Home,
in which the owners live for everything you despise?
Land Lords and Owners offering protection,
and "the chance of a lifetime",
And then leave the ones you love,
the ones who make this Home a better place,
the ones who make a difference,
the ones who make this Home what it was intended for,
with so little; with nothing.
These "People in Charge" sell Homes that promise peace,
"fill in the blank",
for the price of an unjust compromise.
Give up your pride, give up your reason,
Leave justice,
and the one with no devotion, no reason,
will pick it up and beat it,
Anger and Animosity,
Greed and Ridicule,
bleed into truth,
bleed into the structure of this Home.
Our Home has no walls.
Only Senile pillars and beams,
claim the safety of our lives.

Capitalism does not offer opportunity,
nor freedom.
Both, are merely sold.
Whether the price be Money,
or Reputation,
in the Land of the Free,
is No longer Free.
in the Home of the Brave,
is No longer Justified.
Thus, we are left with one question:
When then, will it be?
When then, will this House become Home, again?

When "We The People" rebuild this house,
rebuild secure walls,
rebuild a new door,
with a new and fearless lock,
When "We The People" make the change.

Sunday, May 2, 2010

My trembling heart.

Image above: Pyroclasm. (Caleb Martinez)

My breathing slows,
the cold blood of your words numb all but my heart and mind,
I cannot feel your love, I cannot feel your sympathy,
I cannot feel what I need,
Simply filled with the pain of a punctured heart,
Your voice, like poison, makes me tremble,
tremble at the thought of your hatred,
tremble at the thought of you,
Why do you fill me with such strife?
Why do you deny the future of a King?
When in reality, you know nothing.
Nothing of you, and nothing of me.
Your false knowledge has me on a string,
in your eyes.
Yet you are the one tied,
bound to this material world,
stressing the need of wants, and desires,
You're walking in the dark,
Stepping on hearts, and dropping the fire.
You burn all love, without knowing,
Leaving you alone in this world,
You have a life, and its showing,
how much you waste, and do not reconsider,
Your loss of innocence has left you bitter.
Open your eyes,
and visualize,
what I truly mean,
visualize all that we are meant to be.

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