Sunday, May 16, 2010

A Desert of Desolation.

Image above: Lost in the desert.

They see my care.
They see my compassion.
So why am I being ignored? Why am I being pushed aside from you?
Why am I so desolate?
I miss you.
I miss love.
I miss having someone who makes me feel part of existence,
Part of them.
I miss having someone who takes time to understand my say in things,
Someone who makes me feel like my voice isn't just adding to the static noise in this world;
That I am different;
That I am someone.
I miss seeing your face, with that sweet smile,
that some how, I have planted.
Your smile seems to stop time.
All my thoughts,
as the warmth of your lips,
unveil an unforgettable emotion,
that somehow, grasps at my soul.
This Love,
It scars my memory.
Like trying to erase pen,
a timeline of emotion has bled into my mind,
never to be forgotten.
I learn,
from the happiness,
the importance,
the optimism,
you have left me,
and from the abandoning hurt,
the tears that have dug into my skin,
the selfishness,
and the ignorance,
you have shown me.
I feel as if I am lost within a desert of loneliness,
Screaming your name, when you are nowhere to be found,
No one hears my voice.
No one sees my face.
I do not know where I am or where I am headed.
The only reoccurring thought within my head,
is to quench this thirst,
to find you.
The thought of you is my only motive,
to continue straggling along through this pain,
to continue breathing,
to continue living.
Where are you?


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