Thursday, May 13, 2010

One Nation, Under Capitalism.

Image above: One Nation, Under Capitalism (Caleb Martinez)

Do you know what it is like to live within a Home,
in which the owners live for everything you despise?
Land Lords and Owners offering protection,
and "the chance of a lifetime",
And then leave the ones you love,
the ones who make this Home a better place,
the ones who make a difference,
the ones who make this Home what it was intended for,
with so little; with nothing.
These "People in Charge" sell Homes that promise peace,
"fill in the blank",
for the price of an unjust compromise.
Give up your pride, give up your reason,
Leave justice,
and the one with no devotion, no reason,
will pick it up and beat it,
Anger and Animosity,
Greed and Ridicule,
bleed into truth,
bleed into the structure of this Home.
Our Home has no walls.
Only Senile pillars and beams,
claim the safety of our lives.

Capitalism does not offer opportunity,
nor freedom.
Both, are merely sold.
Whether the price be Money,
or Reputation,
in the Land of the Free,
is No longer Free.
in the Home of the Brave,
is No longer Justified.
Thus, we are left with one question:
When then, will it be?
When then, will this House become Home, again?

When "We The People" rebuild this house,
rebuild secure walls,
rebuild a new door,
with a new and fearless lock,
When "We The People" make the change.


butterfly21637 said...

Very true unfortunately. What are the lies I tell while trying to maintain a home of peace? What price have I paid to conform to this countries ideas of what I should be? Your blog left me with unanswered questions and causes me to look within to adjust what I believe in. Awesome son!

butterfly21637 said...

P.S. That picture IS worth a 1000 words!

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