Friday, May 14, 2010

A Luminous Curiosity.

Why am I here?
Why am I breathing?
My heart beats consistently as one day melts into the next, keeping me alive,within existence, only to write such thoughts down.
Coming to understand this place, this time, these people, is beyond my comprehension;
I am continuously left in awe.
Though frustration and/or confusion are usually key results,
I would rather be left without answer than left without question.
For confusion can lead to the craving of understanding,
which can only be considered admiration.
My admiration for life,
for understanding,
is more than I believe anyone around me can perceive.
At this point in time, I am merely limited to observation.
A child filled with words and interest is all I am;
Questioning to sustain my curiosity,
my observations.
My thought is much deeper than my words and actions.
Yet words are all I have to express and/or release my thoughts.
And after so much contemplation,
one can lose himself to thought and thought alone, adrift from reality.
So much knowledge for so little understanding can decay the mind, without opinion.
Yet opinion, solely, is the unique ability we humans obtain.
It defines who we are,
what we are.
It gives reason to love,
to communicate,
to act,
to attempt to understand.
Yet it does not give reason to live,
to exist.
And if it does,
I have not found a reason why.
Do we need a reason why?
Why can't we just live without question?
Why can't I?


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