Sunday, May 2, 2010

My trembling heart.

Image above: Pyroclasm. (Caleb Martinez)

My breathing slows,
the cold blood of your words numb all but my heart and mind,
I cannot feel your love, I cannot feel your sympathy,
I cannot feel what I need,
Simply filled with the pain of a punctured heart,
Your voice, like poison, makes me tremble,
tremble at the thought of your hatred,
tremble at the thought of you,
Why do you fill me with such strife?
Why do you deny the future of a King?
When in reality, you know nothing.
Nothing of you, and nothing of me.
Your false knowledge has me on a string,
in your eyes.
Yet you are the one tied,
bound to this material world,
stressing the need of wants, and desires,
You're walking in the dark,
Stepping on hearts, and dropping the fire.
You burn all love, without knowing,
Leaving you alone in this world,
You have a life, and its showing,
how much you waste, and do not reconsider,
Your loss of innocence has left you bitter.
Open your eyes,
and visualize,
what I truly mean,
visualize all that we are meant to be.


Genie In A Bottle. said...

Her hair is pretty awesome. Keep up the cool shit.

Phamista said...

Thanks, I'll make sure to!
I appreciate the feedback!

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