Sunday, May 23, 2010

What Really Matters

Sometimes it feels as if I earn this pain,
Through honesty, truth, and love.
Why do the good suffer more in this deceptive world, than those fallen to deceit?
It makes no sense.
We love those who are in need.
We do not deceive others.
We bring true justice upon vile men.
Yet we are left with the short end of the stick...
Do we appear to be weak in some manner of low integrity?
Because we make choices others would not dare to make?
Because we sacrifice ourselves to benefit others?
Because we dare to lose our all, to win love,
to win peace?
If that is the case, this world has shown itself weak.
Sacrificing their lives, for mere items,
things that will never see past this life.
I sit in sorrow for humanity,
as it falls into it's self-made hell,
only to fall into the hell below, subsequently.
With no honor, no love,
only mere justice,
they fall.
They fall far below the ones who have spoken truth from their heart,
the ones who have bitten their tongues before those who create opposition,
the righteous, who have stood for justice,
the honest, who have stood for truth,
the peaceful, who have stood for love and tranquility.
While those selfish and oblique in morality, stand for corruption, hurt, and overall, evil.
There is no "in-between" when it comes to actions.
Choices made by a mere human are strictly Good or Evil.
We are here, only upon a request of test,
a confirmation of our determination,
and our self-sacrifice.
We choose what this world is to become.
Choose wisely.


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