Sunday, July 11, 2010


Photo above by elineart Photography

Is it wrong to love you?
To love someone out of reach?
You're close enough to complete.
Your attention chases my thoughts until they are no more.
Your presence makes me feel,
you are what I am here for.
Your smile, creates mine,
Speeding everything,
but time.
The world stops,
And listens to our racing hearts,
beat like a rhythmic melody,
resisting to be apart.
Your eyes ignite an ecstasy within my mind,
Tapping untouched feelings,
A sovereign emotion in design.
Why is it you who sees me beyond this flesh wall,
Pushing love towards me, until the moment I fall?
You feel my chest.
And you feel my heart.
Each beat, a work of art
designed for you,
and your existence.
You have become a key to my subsistence.
But pieces of me die,
As distance becomes greater.
The only thing alive within me now,
defines my creator.
My heart, crawling out of my chest,
beats frantically, speeding,
the abiding bruise it leaves behind,
is now boundlessly bleeding.
Aching, I give my heart to you.
You hold it within your cultivating hands,
Composing an emotion, no man can comprehend.
I now lie dead on the floor,
focus is on anything more,
than my empty chest,
focus is where my heart was left,
with you,
within your trust.
I have done, what I must,
to keep my legacy alive,
to allow my love for you to survive.


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