Sunday, August 8, 2010

Let me go.

I'm tired of your fucking games.

Tired of listening to you.

Tired of listening to everything your life isn't.

Tired of being used.

Tired of listening to all your bullshit.

I'm not living in your shoes.

So let me be

who I am.

Let me see

the world on my own.

This is not home.

This is you and me,

standing on the corner of a street,

as you point to the right,

you scream "guidance",


on walking through crowds.

I look to the left,

where few are allowed.

I am welcomed there.

Yet, you pull me back

in fear.

You want the dull predictable.

I want the beautiful unusual.

Is that so bad to be me?

Is it so bad to be free,

from everything you were?

Let me go.

Saturday, August 7, 2010

I miss you, dear.

Tear (TA.D)

I feel like the night sky,
without the moon's light.
bits of hope still derive,
waiting, oh, waiting,
for you to arrive.
but you're on vacation,
not sure your location,
just half a world away.
I've lost words,
on what to say.
Because I thought I'd be alright,
Turns out,
I needed you most tonight.
Where have you gone?
What have you done?
I'm left cowering,
in the corners of my head.
I feel numb.
but my emotions are not dead.
I count every heartbeat that passes,
And watch my world slowly go by,
in your absence.
I long for you,
in this sepia tinted room,
My bed,
mimics a tomb,
As I lie motionless,
to escape this mess,
to see my thoughts,
come true.
But dreams can only last so long,
Until you fall back into this world,
pigmented and drawn,
to loneliness,
and confusion.
Each night feels like a delusion,
without you,
by my side.
So I sit in my room,
and I hide,
from the world outside.
I create my own,
and imagine you're here.
Its all I can do,
to escape this fear.
The bold truth is,
I miss you, dear.

Friday, August 6, 2010

A lonely imagination.

My imagination keeps me awake
to know I'm alive
It defies sleep
automatic drive
never stops
only slows
it loves poetry
over prose
it loves the way
this song goes
my life and yours
truth leaks
into my hearts core
i see you
in a different light
shaded and faded
into something right
something real
and unreachable
you're unteachable
you are
what you are
and will be
what you be
a future memory
my heart scarred
me feeling afar
for what i cannot
i fear
you're all i've got
when i need you the most
i'm just a lonely ghost
for you to feel my desire
i am tired
tired of having money
for no charity
tired of tasting
the vulgarity
of loneliness
without you
i am a mess
sleeping in shadows
gazing at lights
staying up
every night
in wonder
of your existence
in wonder
of distance
where is your assistance?

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Photo above: Crowded Street (DSLRD50)

Do I ever slip passed your mind?
Has the thought of me ever lasted more than a moment in time?

Who are you?

Sometimes I just stare at myself in the mirror for what seems like hours, just wondering who that guy is staring back. I want to know what he's thinking. No matter what, he is always there, mimicking my every move.

Monday, August 2, 2010

Falling Through Hurt.

Hurt rains down on you,

You only want to fall through.

So you lie down,

face to the ground,

closing your eyes,

holding your pillow tight,

Not knowing what else to do.

Try Being It.

Let me know what its like to be free.

Let me know what its like to be you.

Let me know what its like not feeling the world but seeing it,

for all of its good;

try being it.

I want to fall for you.

I need someone here beside me,

to just hold my hand and guide me.

I need you here right now.

let me know, somehow,

that you care.

You're all I have.

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