Saturday, August 7, 2010

I miss you, dear.

Tear (TA.D)

I feel like the night sky,
without the moon's light.
bits of hope still derive,
waiting, oh, waiting,
for you to arrive.
but you're on vacation,
not sure your location,
just half a world away.
I've lost words,
on what to say.
Because I thought I'd be alright,
Turns out,
I needed you most tonight.
Where have you gone?
What have you done?
I'm left cowering,
in the corners of my head.
I feel numb.
but my emotions are not dead.
I count every heartbeat that passes,
And watch my world slowly go by,
in your absence.
I long for you,
in this sepia tinted room,
My bed,
mimics a tomb,
As I lie motionless,
to escape this mess,
to see my thoughts,
come true.
But dreams can only last so long,
Until you fall back into this world,
pigmented and drawn,
to loneliness,
and confusion.
Each night feels like a delusion,
without you,
by my side.
So I sit in my room,
and I hide,
from the world outside.
I create my own,
and imagine you're here.
Its all I can do,
to escape this fear.
The bold truth is,
I miss you, dear.


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