Sunday, August 8, 2010

Let me go.

I'm tired of your fucking games.

Tired of listening to you.

Tired of listening to everything your life isn't.

Tired of being used.

Tired of listening to all your bullshit.

I'm not living in your shoes.

So let me be

who I am.

Let me see

the world on my own.

This is not home.

This is you and me,

standing on the corner of a street,

as you point to the right,

you scream "guidance",


on walking through crowds.

I look to the left,

where few are allowed.

I am welcomed there.

Yet, you pull me back

in fear.

You want the dull predictable.

I want the beautiful unusual.

Is that so bad to be me?

Is it so bad to be free,

from everything you were?

Let me go.


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