Friday, August 6, 2010

A lonely imagination.

My imagination keeps me awake
to know I'm alive
It defies sleep
automatic drive
never stops
only slows
it loves poetry
over prose
it loves the way
this song goes
my life and yours
truth leaks
into my hearts core
i see you
in a different light
shaded and faded
into something right
something real
and unreachable
you're unteachable
you are
what you are
and will be
what you be
a future memory
my heart scarred
me feeling afar
for what i cannot
i fear
you're all i've got
when i need you the most
i'm just a lonely ghost
for you to feel my desire
i am tired
tired of having money
for no charity
tired of tasting
the vulgarity
of loneliness
without you
i am a mess
sleeping in shadows
gazing at lights
staying up
every night
in wonder
of your existence
in wonder
of distance
where is your assistance?


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