Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Always breathing

I want to leave this place
Leave in search of somewhere real
Leave in search of something I can feel
Hopefully find someone along the way
Who will understand and cherish everything I have to say
Holding my dreams in their eyes
And my heart in their hand
I want something new
I want to live
the life of the world
I want to touch the sky
From the top of my dreams
Just to prove its all real
I'm going to succeed
I'm going to Live
I'm going to be
who I've always been
but no one's ever seen
I'm going to be me
You're welcome to come along
on this journey to justify living
just find yourself
and in due time
you'll soon see
life as it should be
alive and breathing

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Something About a Woman

Something about a woman,
Captures my attention.
Its not a hot desire,
but rather, a burning love;
A longing fascination.

Something about a woman's smile,
melts my heart,
and makes everything feel okay.
Something about a woman's smile,
ignites an immediate comfort.

Something about a woman's love,
makes life worth living.

Something about a woman's eyes,
tells a story, bold and true.
Something about a woman's eyes,
makes me feel alive.

Something about a woman's image,
captures my attention,
not by the curiosity of lust,
but by the fascination of beauty.

Something about a woman,
Captures my attention.

Friday, September 3, 2010

My Pencil Bleeds.

By Gabriela Camerotti

My pencil writes
It knows
My pencil bleeds emotion
It bleeds thought
My pencil bleeds
Each stroke across
Grows as an addition to this canvas
Creating art within the mind
Painting unreachable images
This pencil defines me
guides me
And moves me
to where I want to be.
My pencil bleeds

The Clarity of Silence.

The Clarity of Silence is Beautiful.
Serene, tranquil
It breathes life
It breathes
Its nature does not consist of judgement
It is not bias
It does not love
It does not hate
It simply, is.

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