Sunday, November 28, 2010

Dropped Silence.

Sounds echo
I drop
The stars chime
I hear cars whispering from a distance
One thought now consumes my mind
the entirety of existence

Thursday, November 25, 2010


I hear my heart beat again
Feelings of emotion suddenly begin to flow
How long has it been?
How long has it been since this feeling, this desire
has stolen breath from me?
Its as if I died
My emotions, deceased
Left alone, and tainted under cold street lights
No one in sight
Nothing changing but slight alterations in ambiance
On the ground, I lie
Cold, darkness dims the lights in my vision
One by one
I am left on chilling concrete
with diminishing hope
I slip into sleep
brought by violent hunger
lack of nutrients to the heart
I fall from the world
My mind barely hanging on to my heart in attempt to heal
in attempt to reconnect what once was
My thoughts cry out
Eyes open
And the lights of the night shift in color
My heart, my blood, pulses
My fingers move, I feel the jagged ground beneath
I feel hope
My heart's desire lights the street that holds me,
once again
Guidance is eminent
My heart fights the weakness in my mind
the weakness in my body
to pull myself up
Limp, and mindless as a zombie
I wander,
in search of only one thing
the one thing, my very blood strives for

I am alive again.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

My Heart is of the Night.

I am just a silhouette traced against the night sky
My breath steams, it paints a misty glaze against the moonlight in the air
This outside atmosphere
I look up, and all of my troubles are gone
All of my worries
All of my dispaired thoughts
Shut out by the almighty abyss, above
The stars, the universe
I am silenced
For all of the chaos trapped in my life
Is now minuscule
With no voice at all
I listen as I hear the world go by
And ignore time
Night is what lives
Night is what gives
Me strength
My imagination runs wild as echoes
Display a greatness, neither I nor my problems can compare to
The night keeps me alive
It is my inhaling breath of life
That allows be to exhale collected pollution of society
I can hear its heart beat, its blood flow
With every car in the distance, leaving its trace of streaming sound
With every dog barking, every voice imprinting a pulse,
With every star gleaming, and every plane’s jagged ambiance
I see imagination
I hear answers
I feel the night
For all that it is
My very being, my comfortability with it,
Fills me with hope, life, and inspiration
My heart is of the night.

Monday, November 15, 2010

Ready or Not, Here I Come.

Ready or not
Here I come
Bullets like dreams
A loaded gun
Quick and undeniable
Bold and true
Your predictions, unreliable
I'm coming for you
And a world left
to those who move
a canvas
for artists to pursue
I'm here and I'm ready
to paint this world
With hope, steady
This place needs a change
Something new.

Just you wait and see.

I'm tired of people.
Tired of their stupid, selfish, ignorant actions.
Tired of limitations they put forth.
I'm tired.
Tired of corrupt atmospheres.
Tired of allowing others to place me where I should not be.
Tired of allowing others manipulate my mind.
Its time for change.
Time for Something new.
Something worth living for; a life worth living for.
I have been dropped, pushed, shoved, ignored, discouraged, and let down too many times.
I'm done.
I will not tolerate anymore.
I am myself;
A person aware of what truly matters.
I know what is right.
And I know what is wrong.
You will not stop me from living.
You will not keep me in a simple existence.
I am my own.
One, bold.
I will pursue, and I will achieve.
My dreams are me.
They are who I am and what I live for.
Ignorant boundaries will not limit me.
My pursuit.
My accomplishments.
I plan to change this world.
Make a difference.
And I will.
Just you wait and see.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010


lost love
lonely in language
left behind
lacking loquacity
leaving soon
lines leaving
locked learnings
of lowliness

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Dreams Unbound

I just want to slip into my coat
and hide
hide from the world that stares me down
And tells me that I can't
But hiding allows thoughts to corrode
This is not what I plan to create
I lift my head, and silently bow
before I make my move
Nothing will stop me now
I drop my coat
Stare back
Focused vision, dreams unbound
I grab a hold
of a future untold
Speaking the strategy
of where I plan to go
I'm going to do this
And I'm going to do it right
This is the incomparable story
of the beginning of my life.

Unwritten Dreams

Free yourself
Free your mind
Cuz its about time
to let yourself be
do not fall
No, don't even lean
only move forward
soon you will see
A scribbled out past
And a future, clean
One unmistakable
full of unwritten dreams
follow it quickly
for this is the key
this is the path
to set yourself free

Saturday, November 6, 2010

My Heart, A City

My heart, a city
it's breaths consume the atmosphere below
a thin blanket
creating a subtle ambiance, with every echo
Every light
adding to symphonies
of the night
Simply the aftermath
of an imagination on the go
Emotions drive
running through the streets
with no destination
no one to meet
My heart
is seen selectively
from afar
its dimensions, minuscule
simply, a silhouette skyline
back-lit by an energy pool
Where the diversity of lights
add to the city as a whole
Yet keep a common theme
All lit for a goal
A dream
Something to believe in
Something to pursue
My heart, a city
bold and true

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