Thursday, November 25, 2010


I hear my heart beat again
Feelings of emotion suddenly begin to flow
How long has it been?
How long has it been since this feeling, this desire
has stolen breath from me?
Its as if I died
My emotions, deceased
Left alone, and tainted under cold street lights
No one in sight
Nothing changing but slight alterations in ambiance
On the ground, I lie
Cold, darkness dims the lights in my vision
One by one
I am left on chilling concrete
with diminishing hope
I slip into sleep
brought by violent hunger
lack of nutrients to the heart
I fall from the world
My mind barely hanging on to my heart in attempt to heal
in attempt to reconnect what once was
My thoughts cry out
Eyes open
And the lights of the night shift in color
My heart, my blood, pulses
My fingers move, I feel the jagged ground beneath
I feel hope
My heart's desire lights the street that holds me,
once again
Guidance is eminent
My heart fights the weakness in my mind
the weakness in my body
to pull myself up
Limp, and mindless as a zombie
I wander,
in search of only one thing
the one thing, my very blood strives for

I am alive again.


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