Monday, November 15, 2010

Just you wait and see.

I'm tired of people.
Tired of their stupid, selfish, ignorant actions.
Tired of limitations they put forth.
I'm tired.
Tired of corrupt atmospheres.
Tired of allowing others to place me where I should not be.
Tired of allowing others manipulate my mind.
Its time for change.
Time for Something new.
Something worth living for; a life worth living for.
I have been dropped, pushed, shoved, ignored, discouraged, and let down too many times.
I'm done.
I will not tolerate anymore.
I am myself;
A person aware of what truly matters.
I know what is right.
And I know what is wrong.
You will not stop me from living.
You will not keep me in a simple existence.
I am my own.
One, bold.
I will pursue, and I will achieve.
My dreams are me.
They are who I am and what I live for.
Ignorant boundaries will not limit me.
My pursuit.
My accomplishments.
I plan to change this world.
Make a difference.
And I will.
Just you wait and see.


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