Tuesday, November 23, 2010

My Heart is of the Night.

I am just a silhouette traced against the night sky
My breath steams, it paints a misty glaze against the moonlight in the air
This outside atmosphere
I look up, and all of my troubles are gone
All of my worries
All of my dispaired thoughts
Shut out by the almighty abyss, above
The stars, the universe
I am silenced
For all of the chaos trapped in my life
Is now minuscule
With no voice at all
I listen as I hear the world go by
And ignore time
Night is what lives
Night is what gives
Me strength
My imagination runs wild as echoes
Display a greatness, neither I nor my problems can compare to
The night keeps me alive
It is my inhaling breath of life
That allows be to exhale collected pollution of society
I can hear its heart beat, its blood flow
With every car in the distance, leaving its trace of streaming sound
With every dog barking, every voice imprinting a pulse,
With every star gleaming, and every plane’s jagged ambiance
I see imagination
I hear answers
I feel the night
For all that it is
My very being, my comfortability with it,
Fills me with hope, life, and inspiration
My heart is of the night.


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