Sunday, December 19, 2010

Let me sleep forever.

I've felt so lonely lately. A hopeless romantic at its best.
I went to bed last night with only love on my mind. Hours upon hours went by as I listened to "Edge Of Desire", and various versions of "Sweet Disposition". They seemed to be the only thing that would sooth my emotions, my desperate craving for love. I imagined having someone next to me; no name, no face, just someone who desired my love ~ my heart. Its all I want right now, and all I need. Just someone who wants me because I am who I am; someone who loves me as much as I could love them. I have so much love to give, its hurting my heart having no one to give it to. That hurt ached my heart with a longing desire that seemed to seep into my subconscious. Before I knew it, I was fast asleep dreaming. Various dreams flew through my mind until one, bold, and indescribable, stilled my focus. It felt real... as if she was actually there with her delicate hands holding my face. She laid next to me, eyes closed, our hearts beating in-sync. Time seemed to slow, as my focus was solely drawn upon the lack of loneliness. My first black and white dream. Her skin, pale white, in contrast with the dark eye shadow deepening the image of her eyes. Her precious lips, the only thing in living color, sought mine. And before I knew it, she was gone. My eyes opened and my mind awakened to the world where I sought love. I was awake, alone, lost with thoughts lying in my bed again; left desolate, with only a desperate craving for love by my side. If this is the only way to feel such a love, let me sleep forever.
"Love is really nothing but a dream that keeps waking me." - John Mayer (Edge Of Desire)

Friday, December 17, 2010

Left at a Dangerous Depth

Am I to rot
sink within the earth
left without a shot
of giving my love to another
or will she find her way to me
ever so simply?

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Spilled Into Free Fall

My perception of balance
Spilled into free fall
with little to grasp
And much to see
I'm not sure where this force is taking me
Ever falling
Sights on where I once was
And dissipate
I'm falling to my fate
Am I to hit ground
without a sound?
Come to an end
When I was just ready to begin?
Or will I land on my feet
And fall into place easily?
How do you prepare for a landing you are unsure of?
Convince others of a task unheard of
And change the world solely striving on love
Its a sound scene to believe
A job not many achieve
Something that takes a strength deeper than courage
It takes imagination to encourage
Your mind that your heart is sure
Of the life you are to endure

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