Saturday, October 22, 2011

In the Heart of an Escapist.

Today, I gave a piece of myself away;
to you.
Hopefully, one day I'll see it again
in your hands
or maybe even in your heart.
I don't know what I am in your life anymore.
Or what I'm to become.
But my place with you is written.
Somewhere beyond the sun. Somewhere within the depths of my heart;
there's a place for you. There always has been.
The door's wide open, I'm welcoming you in.
Can't you see?
I've carved out this very piece of me;
for you.
Come and stay.
Believe that possibility and potential lies here.
With truth in one hand and faith in the other, thats all we need.
I need to hear your heart scream.
I need you to respond to me: What is it you need?

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