Tuesday, November 29, 2011

heavy tears.

heavy tears

do not flee

time is taken

stolen, so viciously

seeking trails

all weight from reason behind

gives them reason to bind

to the very skin on your bones

heavy tears, weigh the most

as if they leave with strings attached

to all emotions inside

they pull you out

yet leave you to dry

wondering why

why now

why at this very moment,

have you left me screaming

with no voice

no choice

but to cry

heavy tears, leave you motionless


wanting but not willing to die

heavy tears, are the bitter sweet truth

the very proof

that you are, alive

Friday, November 18, 2011

When it awakes, so will your soul.

oh how i love the bitter sweet taste of falling

weak in the bones

all senses keen

adrenaline rushing

like raging tides among thy heart

flowing, breezing through

mind lit aflame

soul alive, full force

it knows the pain of gravity

it knows

but the feeling of rising

it knows so much more

so much more

its all that I feel

the anticipation

of all this energy

moved, transferred

into momentum

a fraction used to get up

the rest used to rise




to be all.

the bitter sweet taste of falling

how i love the taste of gravel on my tongue


chalking the roof of my mouth

telling me truth

telling me, I have fallen

it is truth that cannot be denied

but something so much greater

is predicting

doing what has not been done yet

doing beyond what is obvious

proving grounds of thy heart

proving grounds of imagination put in motion


energy seeping out of every crevasse of the mind

finding ways to every vein, every particle

which creates the very body you hold

the very body that holds you

it creates everything you are for the moments it lasts

such energy can change a person



and build upon

such an energy can never stay in place

can never cease

it may slow

but energy like so

will never go

only forward

it slams the very being you thought you were

across the dull walls of the mindset you now own

and when it awakes

so will your soul

Thursday, November 17, 2011


I should be feeling old

feeling time slip by faster

but with you it only seems to slow

with you I can't seem to grow


we breathe the air as our lungs shake

ready to quiver

and quake

as this love overwhelms

and consumes

we breathe in these toxic fumes


out of breath

chasing anything but death

chasing a flame

a name

this very game we can't tame

chasing a love so insane

it makes us sane

it makes us

Friday, November 11, 2011

Love is the key.

Its strange to think about at first.. to think that everything you thought you’ve ever known about life hasn’t even begun to scratch the surface of what you could possibly know. That maybe why things happen and occur the way they do is all upon an idea taken for granted, because we run in fear of what it does to us. An idea so brilliant, so overwhelming, an idea that is God himself breathing in us, breathing life. An idea such as Love. There is no greater emotion. No feeling more powerful. Capable of bringing us to our knees and yet bound us with such energy and motive to do things beyond what we thought we would ever do. Love shapes our very beings. Upon the way we think about it, the way we accept and ignore it. Love is everything we are, in one way or another. Love is the basis upon which everything moves, exists and continues. Love is the key. Love is you and me. Love is the air we breathe, the sky we see. Love is everything. An energy binding a universe in such a boundless way. Creating an almost perfect structure, a perfect way of being.. full of possibility in all ways. But only if we accept it. Only if we embrace. Embrace love in all ways, in all things. Love is the key to everything.

Unwithering minds.










but hands held tight

are just hands held

one owns two

viciously kind

unwithering minds



Tuesday, November 8, 2011

rifting tides.

oh, how I've longed to hear the words you speak

to feel this entirety of emotion

I've needed you

I've sought you

but you've lied elsewhere

within a direction my eyes had not set

these few words you feed my heart

could feed a thousand dreamers

an undying fuel, set ablaze in the bottom of my chest

we are here

and we are now

this love, a raging tide

rifting the seams of the boundaries we see

longing left lost, wandering

and wondering

longing left

behind the steps of this beating heart

Monday, November 7, 2011


a longing lost

i see you

i see lights


the stars above

but your smile seems to be so much brighter

words flowing from within



from within

an undying love

realizing what it truly is

slowing down

oh, so slow

but steadier and more sure than ever

Mute reoccurrence.

I keep thinking I'm seeing you everywhere..

suddenly, every girl in every picture has become you

your image

your essence


I wish you knew

or maybe you do

just how much I love you

just how much I need you

I may seem mute at times

but theres always something there

always something building and ready to spill

you ignite my bones

my heart

my mind

what I can't control

just the way I feel

when you're around

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

A Heart's Chatter.

Just your name makes me smile

its vile

to loneliness


to happiness

awakening a part of my soul I had not known existed


a part of my soul

Don't drift away.

Stay with me

Can't you see?

Just how vulnerable I am?

I lie here with open arms

an open heart

an open mind

ready to chase after all

a flame

anything capable of setting my heart on fire with such happiness

I'm ready to chase

after you





You breathe.

I breathe too.

You sing.

But I can't hear you.

Where have you gone?

What will you do?

Without me

next to you?

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