Friday, November 11, 2011

Love is the key.

Its strange to think about at first.. to think that everything you thought you’ve ever known about life hasn’t even begun to scratch the surface of what you could possibly know. That maybe why things happen and occur the way they do is all upon an idea taken for granted, because we run in fear of what it does to us. An idea so brilliant, so overwhelming, an idea that is God himself breathing in us, breathing life. An idea such as Love. There is no greater emotion. No feeling more powerful. Capable of bringing us to our knees and yet bound us with such energy and motive to do things beyond what we thought we would ever do. Love shapes our very beings. Upon the way we think about it, the way we accept and ignore it. Love is everything we are, in one way or another. Love is the basis upon which everything moves, exists and continues. Love is the key. Love is you and me. Love is the air we breathe, the sky we see. Love is everything. An energy binding a universe in such a boundless way. Creating an almost perfect structure, a perfect way of being.. full of possibility in all ways. But only if we accept it. Only if we embrace. Embrace love in all ways, in all things. Love is the key to everything.


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