Friday, November 18, 2011

When it awakes, so will your soul.

oh how i love the bitter sweet taste of falling

weak in the bones

all senses keen

adrenaline rushing

like raging tides among thy heart

flowing, breezing through

mind lit aflame

soul alive, full force

it knows the pain of gravity

it knows

but the feeling of rising

it knows so much more

so much more

its all that I feel

the anticipation

of all this energy

moved, transferred

into momentum

a fraction used to get up

the rest used to rise




to be all.

the bitter sweet taste of falling

how i love the taste of gravel on my tongue


chalking the roof of my mouth

telling me truth

telling me, I have fallen

it is truth that cannot be denied

but something so much greater

is predicting

doing what has not been done yet

doing beyond what is obvious

proving grounds of thy heart

proving grounds of imagination put in motion


energy seeping out of every crevasse of the mind

finding ways to every vein, every particle

which creates the very body you hold

the very body that holds you

it creates everything you are for the moments it lasts

such energy can change a person



and build upon

such an energy can never stay in place

can never cease

it may slow

but energy like so

will never go

only forward

it slams the very being you thought you were

across the dull walls of the mindset you now own

and when it awakes

so will your soul


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