Friday, December 30, 2011

I can hear it now.

And so here I am. Again. Where I was once before. I’ve come back from somewhere I thought I might stay. See that hill over there? Thats where my love once swayed. But here I am again. Back here. With new eyes. But the same old me. The same desires. The same heart. The same love that sees. Here I am again. Alone in the rain, along this shoreline. Where do I go from here? Time has only spoken of that. Yet, in a voice I cannot hear. I watch as the waves crash and kiss the sand beneath my feet. I think of the space here. The space between my being and hers. And how it means nothing now. Its only this shore and I. I run off seeking new thrills, new comforts, only to come back here, like the ripples of water, rifting within the ocean; I sway, I build, I crash.. only to return to this very shore and kiss the sand beneath my feet. For it is the only thing thats ever taken me. Thats ever held the weight of my being. For all that I am, and all that I’ll ever be.


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