Wednesday, January 25, 2012

movement in the fog

lost and unsure
of this person i am
i scream with no breath
but energy to do so, overflows

from miles at a distance.

hopes for now
hopes for tomorrow
where have they gone?
they seem to stare me in the face
from miles at a distance
are they even real anymore?
it seems i've wandered towards their presence
for so long
are the images my eyes hold, real?
or are they merely mirages I'd die for?
am i crazy?
or just too passionate for the world around me?

how long can i live like this?

A late night love note:

Where do I begin? Without sounding so cliché? You mean so much to me, I don't think you'll ever truly know. Even if I were to spend the rest of my days by your side, it still wouldn't be enough time to show you, to explain, to level understanding of just how much you mean to me. It wouldn't be enough. But it'd be the best yet. And oh, so close. The grace of your existence weighs in my heart, balancing all thought and emotion. You keep me sane, yet ignite the insane to roll off my tongue and spill from my heart. Because with you, for you, I dare to do things a man sober of a love so true would never do. Crazy acts of and for love I suppose. Its amazing what love can do to a person. Love. Its what I hold for you. And always will. Without choice. You see, because after wandering the lonely depths of my heart for so long, one day you came along.. and as I continued wandering.. I noticed a wall. Not a wall I've built out of fear of letting others in, but a wall which structures this heart; a wall which keeps me together. I noticed it in a light I had not seen before. As you came in, as you grew closer, this light ignited and spread like wildfire across the wall. And on this wall, an endless amount of words made themselves known. Engraved in stone. These words stood alone, with imagery and meaning, beautiful silhouettes of things only one could feel. But when they stood together, such words painted a mural one could only establish as supernatural. A haunting notion that something had known the love of my heart better than I, long before. Inexplicably comforting, nonetheless. With such amazement, I stood back and witnessed such work.  Like seeing yourself in your skin for the very first time, after only noticing the canyons and ridges it held, before. This was and is my love for you. Its written within me. A piece of who I am. This. What we have. Its something natural. Nothing forced. Nothing fed. An undying love, that seems to only have just begun.

When you leave, you take the light with you; taking all sight of everything I've come to know and understand of this love. I can feel it, this stern yet intricate wall, but I can't see it.. not when you're gone.

Stay, be my light, remind me of what builds my being; and I'll make sure to love you like no other. For its all that I am, its all that I hold: love, for everything you are.

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

blood, the very thing that binds

to spill ink is not to write of a person
not to steadily place words, crafty and sure
to spill ink is to bleed an emotion
or several
to spill ink is to bleed 
to move focus from one place to another
there is no intention to hold focus
on anything else but the beauty
of the situation
whether it lie magnificent 
or brutally broken
to spill ink claims that you see
claims that you feel
to spill ink
is to claim that you bleed

writers do not bandage their wounds

their bleeding emotions
with cloth
they watch, as all that they are
spills out, right before them
they do not focus on the pain
but merely what caused it
telling a story on a blank canvas
painting scenes with their blood
blood from their heart
and blood from their mind
blood, the very thing that binds
any of a poet's words
you'll ever seem to find

steady and stern, yet we yearn to learn

your love is a tree, deep inside
it comforts my heart
and teaches my mind
it's roots dig within me, only to find
that you'll always, and ever
only be mine

gauging tides

limp in learning
keen in understanding
lost in you
your eyes' tricks, play me thick
i run to the end of your page before its turned
gather what i can, lessons learned
only to catch my breath, for the next
the next wave of you
come crashing in
swallow me whole
i want you to taste what i'm made of
feel my soul

Sunday, January 22, 2012

girl who stands in yellow.

i'm standing in a green field under gray skies
she appears like lightening from the sky
behind me, she taps my shoulder
i turn
she swelters my heart with her presence
she speaks words, few
leaving me in question
as my mouth opens
she's gone as fast as she came
now here i am
standing in this green field under gray skies
looking up, feeling water weigh the air
i wait for her to come back
ponder if she will
and if so, what will i say?
what will she say/do?
will she stay this time? 
i'll wait
even if the weight of the sky rains down on me
i'll wait

soulless seas live undoubtably.

fasten my mind with the fears you hold
we'll embrace this together
fearless and bold
these edges mold
who we are
where is too far?

hours awake, silently stealing

hours awake, silently stealing
my sleep
the longer my mind wanders, the deeper you fall
buried into my subconscious
while i lie in worry
you're busy kissing the back of my mind
saving your place
saving me.
i awake this morning, only to feel the sheer comfort
of you.
i reminisce on the lives past lived
lives only the night could hold in acquaintance with my mind
and i remember, for a single moment
i was with you
holding you
i could feel the texture of your shirt against my face
the sweet scent of you, piercing my mind with allurement 
i know not where we were
or what we were doing
all i know is i was with you
for a moment
and a moment with you was all i needed.

Saturday, January 21, 2012

i remain bound in the seas of your being 

you seize my every thought
steal my every moment
and yet 
i'm okay with it
because when you breathe, i breathe
when i see, you see
we sway, together
like currents of wind above the ocean
quiet, yet these still voices speak
conversing between one another
dancing thoughts spill from our minds
our hearts
these whispers, only we know
these whispers, only we are
these whispers

bind me with the beauty of your heart, and i will give you my all
once more
let loose the love that once was, and take my hand
take my hand and dance with me
dance with me, my dear
until all color has drained from the sky
until we've lost all will to die
dance with me

Thursday, January 19, 2012

an indifferent silence

its that moment
that in between space
from breathing in
and breathing out
its that pause
that silence
of being
the moment when you are neither giving
nor taking

a deer driving the headlights.

the kiss you've placed upon my heart
burns longer than any kiss my lips could have held
you kiss my soul
let your looming eyes linger
letting mine fall inward
left anything but lifeless
your love entangles my mind in nets of wonder
in attempt for an understanding it might not catch
you simmer and sift your being within mine
just by being
be mine

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