Tuesday, January 24, 2012

blood, the very thing that binds

to spill ink is not to write of a person
not to steadily place words, crafty and sure
to spill ink is to bleed an emotion
or several
to spill ink is to bleed 
to move focus from one place to another
there is no intention to hold focus
on anything else but the beauty
of the situation
whether it lie magnificent 
or brutally broken
to spill ink claims that you see
claims that you feel
to spill ink
is to claim that you bleed

writers do not bandage their wounds

their bleeding emotions
with cloth
they watch, as all that they are
spills out, right before them
they do not focus on the pain
but merely what caused it
telling a story on a blank canvas
painting scenes with their blood
blood from their heart
and blood from their mind
blood, the very thing that binds
any of a poet's words
you'll ever seem to find


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