Wednesday, January 25, 2012

A late night love note:

Where do I begin? Without sounding so cliché? You mean so much to me, I don't think you'll ever truly know. Even if I were to spend the rest of my days by your side, it still wouldn't be enough time to show you, to explain, to level understanding of just how much you mean to me. It wouldn't be enough. But it'd be the best yet. And oh, so close. The grace of your existence weighs in my heart, balancing all thought and emotion. You keep me sane, yet ignite the insane to roll off my tongue and spill from my heart. Because with you, for you, I dare to do things a man sober of a love so true would never do. Crazy acts of and for love I suppose. Its amazing what love can do to a person. Love. Its what I hold for you. And always will. Without choice. You see, because after wandering the lonely depths of my heart for so long, one day you came along.. and as I continued wandering.. I noticed a wall. Not a wall I've built out of fear of letting others in, but a wall which structures this heart; a wall which keeps me together. I noticed it in a light I had not seen before. As you came in, as you grew closer, this light ignited and spread like wildfire across the wall. And on this wall, an endless amount of words made themselves known. Engraved in stone. These words stood alone, with imagery and meaning, beautiful silhouettes of things only one could feel. But when they stood together, such words painted a mural one could only establish as supernatural. A haunting notion that something had known the love of my heart better than I, long before. Inexplicably comforting, nonetheless. With such amazement, I stood back and witnessed such work.  Like seeing yourself in your skin for the very first time, after only noticing the canyons and ridges it held, before. This was and is my love for you. Its written within me. A piece of who I am. This. What we have. Its something natural. Nothing forced. Nothing fed. An undying love, that seems to only have just begun.

When you leave, you take the light with you; taking all sight of everything I've come to know and understand of this love. I can feel it, this stern yet intricate wall, but I can't see it.. not when you're gone.

Stay, be my light, remind me of what builds my being; and I'll make sure to love you like no other. For its all that I am, its all that I hold: love, for everything you are.


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