Sunday, February 26, 2012

Midnight Sepia.

Have I been writing to a ghost? 
Sleeping silently with all the words that mean most
I've fallen 
breezy, a hazy nothing
an empty case, scripted in image
livid, in chains
living, in chains
bound by my own being, I have forgotten how to live.

But Your light has shown, screeching through all that I've known

You've cut these chains. Set me free. 
Under the moonlit night, bound by Your love
Bound by Your being.

A Midnight Sepia, seeping.

Saturday, February 25, 2012


I've never loved anyone, the way I love you.
Intricate, the composite of your being
buries under my skin.
Wherever you breathe, I naturally catch your breath.

I'll never love anyone, the way I love you.

Friday, February 10, 2012

tie me down

fighting, free
but so hopeless
have you ever felt down as you were flying so high?
someone tie me down
keep me still
i can't seem to escape myself

thickness gone

where has my thickness gone
no justice
fallen short to a slim
shade of white
a blank canvas 
floating like a kite
with no words
only emotion, spilled upon its existence
white ink, on a white page
red blood, in a red pool
spilled surely, slaughtered in silence
but who's to know but the victim?
for the victim's only a victim of himself.

Tuesday, February 7, 2012


i walk under green, into abstract blue
am i losing myself, or is it you?
things remain stale, but still hold true
i just wish it was all enough for you
tell me, please
can't you hear my pleas?
what more can i do?
than offer my love 
for you?

fatigued love

what are we doing?
why won't you dig into the depths of me anymore?
into the depths of us?
have you lost all hope
the very thing engraved in your bones
you seem to dig only into the darkening depths of yourself now
and you won't let me in
you let me see
but its a place unwelcoming

i love you

why do those three words sound so pathetic 
pouring from my mouth
my heart
is it simply because i've spewed too much?
have you grown tired of my ways?
of me? 

i know who you are
its why i love you

this is who i am
am i not worth pursuit?

you're tired

and i can't seem to help.

Wednesday, February 1, 2012


these tidal waves, come and go
the sky always gray, as the cool wind blows
i see you now, but how do i know?
that you see me, on this sand
as white as snow
will you keep me, or let me go?
either way
i feel i'll never know
i've grown used to this
its become a good friend of mine
always on track, always on time
like the lines, that shape silhouettes
yet without filling detail
is that what i've become?

just another shadow undone?

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