Monday, March 26, 2012

Scraping the Story of My Life.

I just want to love you. Nothing more,
nothing less.
Your caress, drives me insane.
I'm screaming out your name.
Yet, you don't hear a thing. I'm running in circles,
while you're running away.
Can I do anything
to make you stay?

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

My love: A stranger.

I write to you, my love
you, who wanders through the thickness of this world
guided and misguided by your heart
I write to you, my love
you, who goes on with courage
as the chatter of this world spreads like a fog
I write unto you, the one I love
as your identity may change
take a shifting in names
though I hope it is still the same
of which I call out in the night
my love

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Vena amoris

a symbol of love, balanced with jagged edges
black and silver, encircles the finger
one wrong move, skin slit
blood drawn, straight from the heart
vena amoris

Heart to Heart: Third Note.

she smiles, with a wink and a nod
she says shes just being silly
but i can see the facade;
your heart is silently seeking
mine is as well
let me keep you
open up your shell

Heart to Heart: Second Note.

would you let me reach within
to embrace your being
all that you are
forever and always

Heart to Heart: First Note.

Can I love you
Would you let me
steal your heart away
right out of your bones
I promise I'll take good care of it
I'll give it a home
right next to mine, first shelf on the left
that way, when your hands explore the torso
that protects my love
you'll feel the beating of two hearts
yours, and mine

The Fire.

Why is it my heart is always hungry for another
Roaring louder than my stomach ever could
I lose myself within the chaos of structured silence
laying on what seems could most easily be understood
but distance keeps persistent, consistant in keeping me alone
I keep my chin up, but it's hard you know?
When all you truly desire, is simply
the fire
burning, warming, and melting your soul
the fire
made in the momentum of two hearts growing old, together
the fire
of a love you and I have yet to know

I feel the flame, whistling within

grazing the very walls of my chest
seeking an escape, a binding ignition with another
I suppose only time and faith know best

Saturday, March 10, 2012

screaming simplicity

Your being

falls in between expectations of mine
leaving me puzzled
intrigued by your 

the innocence

of a yes
           or a no
falls swiftly
               in between the emotions you show

Your eyes speak of grayscale, loss of color

loss of ourselves, within each other

its seems

       nothing is as it seems

A letter to my love:

Where are you?
Does your heart currently rest in the hands of another?
Does it rest alone?
Does it ache for my love, like mine does for yours?
I miss you, though the knowledge of your identity is concealed
the knowledge of your being is evident
I long for it; I long for you
One day the embracement of our hearts will feed each other's thirst 
compliment each other's being, indulge the love we've always sought
such a day will be graced with glory, wonder
such a day will rest within all that I am, forever
wherever you are, know that I love you
I always have
I always will
Just as you love me
Just as you always have
Just as you always will
for our love has always been,
it's never begun; it's never ended.
Our love holds boundless opportunity, routes we'll pursue together
without fear; without shame
we'll behold this name
as one.
Hold tight my dear,
we'll find each other soon.

I love you,


Thursday, March 8, 2012

Grand Theft

As I lay in this bed
I trace the ridges of this hole in my chest
the one you left
when you stole my heart.
You committed grand theft
and got away.
Why is it
I'm the one to pay
for your wrongs
left longing

Wednesday, March 7, 2012


I'm dancing with darkness
its plain to see
I'm playing with absence
Finding frontiers in the back of my mind
loose cannons, explosions
In time
where are you? gone.
But thats fine,
with you.



Lose yourself, fall swiftly into the shadows that surround
let them entangle you, 
Swallow you.
but take control
They can be your best friend
if you let them
See you whole.

Friday, March 2, 2012

indigo fog

feel the sting
feel the fire
feel the burning desire
leaving you awake, in the torment
of your own mind.
lorn, in the middle of the night
you seek what you cannot find
hold what you will not seek
why is it you lie so meek?
stop, and breathe
this, indigo fog.

Thursday, March 1, 2012

paper hearts

we fell like paper hearts
drifting in the wind, spit by mother
scorned by father
you fell on me, our paper skin accepting the feeble ridges of each other
unexpected, gray tore through blue
ripping through, silently
leaving our bodies soaked, stuck to one another
now wet paper, torn by time
frail and scarred, bloodless

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