Saturday, March 10, 2012

A letter to my love:

Where are you?
Does your heart currently rest in the hands of another?
Does it rest alone?
Does it ache for my love, like mine does for yours?
I miss you, though the knowledge of your identity is concealed
the knowledge of your being is evident
I long for it; I long for you
One day the embracement of our hearts will feed each other's thirst 
compliment each other's being, indulge the love we've always sought
such a day will be graced with glory, wonder
such a day will rest within all that I am, forever
wherever you are, know that I love you
I always have
I always will
Just as you love me
Just as you always have
Just as you always will
for our love has always been,
it's never begun; it's never ended.
Our love holds boundless opportunity, routes we'll pursue together
without fear; without shame
we'll behold this name
as one.
Hold tight my dear,
we'll find each other soon.

I love you,



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