Saturday, April 21, 2012

undone and sure

and then like that
white emerged from black
you took my hand and we spat back
nothing the same
everything new
simple and sweet
this is me falling for you

we took off our shoes

dirty and worn
from our journeys before
pants rolled up
feet on the floor
feeling the gravel
this is how we travel
undone and sure

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Her Secret: Patience.

Your heart spoke to me
Sung a song so true
It told me to remain patient
And wait
I'm kissing your silhouette
As I shrivel
I stand tall
             thinking of you
Tracing the outline of your heart
                 Your love
              Next to mine
I can only imagine the love created for us
         Surpassing definition - Divine

Elegant Shadows

Her hair, like black silk, kept a life of its own. My fingers ran through it as my eyes tried to keep up. Her eyes were minimally moving, gawking in small circles, studying the mold skin had taken over my bones. My hands moved down to the sides of her face until my palms were hugging her cheeks. She was real. She was there. Pouring out affection without saying a word. She was so close that I could feel the vibrations of her beating heart next to mine. I closed my eyes, only for a moment, only to open them once more and realize she was gone. All communication, spoken and unspoken, left in the fringe of my mind. I was out of time. Sleep had done its job; resting my body and leaving me with nothing but the sweet memories of elegant shadows.

Friday, April 13, 2012


I was comfortable in my own home
until the day you knocked on my door
with your, guns and brutality
You claimed mortality, upon my own security
until your reason defined nothing but obscurity
destroying everything in sight, giving me no option but to flee
I did everything I could to please your needs
but it was never enough, you still felt the need to evict me

I'm now gone, and drawn onto a road of my own
searching for a new home
not looking back, and learning from the facts
from all actions taken, present and shown

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Only being.

She walked the night with no destination. The moonlight gleamed upon her faint blue hair, in the way mist hugs the curves of waterfalls. She needed to get out, to explore the nature of the world around her. A corner of that world had been concealing her for far too long. Her heart craved the outside, the liveliness of the night. She walked, step by step, breathing in the evident life of the city around. Her feet, paired like two kids on a field trip, wandered together, following one another. Safely but surely, their curiosity drove their ambition to proceed. It was easy for her to relax this way. By seeing things she had never seen, exploring places she had never been, her mind went limp in comfort. All thoughts, mellowed. All worries, gone. The only thing that spoke was her heart's appreciation for all she was now enduring. 

She would go home that night, lay in her bed and be consumed by thought and possible worry, once more. But for now, this was all that mattered. No speaking. No thinking. No worry. 

Only listening. Only accepting. Only being. 

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Misty Kisses

To wander the night
Under the stars
On a blanket of sand
Is where I stand
I know not the destination, or theme of journey
Only that it is for me

As dots of energy in the black abyss above light my way

The witching hour kindly kisses my face
with her brisk lips, only to drip
the sense of completeness

Monday, April 2, 2012

Ghostly Disease

You don’t please me, you tease me, yet greet me with ease
What is it you long for?
A cure to your Ghostly Disease?
You try to dance with my spirit, take what I breathe
Yet there is nothing left for you to breathe
For your body that required air is long gone
You’re nothing but a Ghost to me
Still in my presence, but not in sight
Of my heart or my mind
Yet you keep trying, time after time
To dance with my spirit
With your Ghostly Disease

Don’t you get it? I don’t want to tango,
not since you first let this good man go.
I can’t keep step with one who can’t place foot on my earth
But for what it’s worth, you’re responsible
For this new birth.
I’ve transcended the old life;
no longer am I grounded;
So you can take back your waiting hand
and put it in your pocket where you found it.
I’m alive and living in this New World with ease
I won’t be killed by your Old World Ghostly Disease.

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