Monday, April 2, 2012

Ghostly Disease

You don’t please me, you tease me, yet greet me with ease
What is it you long for?
A cure to your Ghostly Disease?
You try to dance with my spirit, take what I breathe
Yet there is nothing left for you to breathe
For your body that required air is long gone
You’re nothing but a Ghost to me
Still in my presence, but not in sight
Of my heart or my mind
Yet you keep trying, time after time
To dance with my spirit
With your Ghostly Disease

Don’t you get it? I don’t want to tango,
not since you first let this good man go.
I can’t keep step with one who can’t place foot on my earth
But for what it’s worth, you’re responsible
For this new birth.
I’ve transcended the old life;
no longer am I grounded;
So you can take back your waiting hand
and put it in your pocket where you found it.
I’m alive and living in this New World with ease
I won’t be killed by your Old World Ghostly Disease.

 Phamista: normal
flawsstitchedwithgoodintentions: italics 


trabie16 said...

Wow! Simply amazed! You make me shake my head and say, "Exactly!"

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