Thursday, April 12, 2012

Only being.

She walked the night with no destination. The moonlight gleamed upon her faint blue hair, in the way mist hugs the curves of waterfalls. She needed to get out, to explore the nature of the world around her. A corner of that world had been concealing her for far too long. Her heart craved the outside, the liveliness of the night. She walked, step by step, breathing in the evident life of the city around. Her feet, paired like two kids on a field trip, wandered together, following one another. Safely but surely, their curiosity drove their ambition to proceed. It was easy for her to relax this way. By seeing things she had never seen, exploring places she had never been, her mind went limp in comfort. All thoughts, mellowed. All worries, gone. The only thing that spoke was her heart's appreciation for all she was now enduring. 

She would go home that night, lay in her bed and be consumed by thought and possible worry, once more. But for now, this was all that mattered. No speaking. No thinking. No worry. 

Only listening. Only accepting. Only being. 


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