Monday, May 28, 2012

After bathing
in depths
of emotion
ways of living
It's nice
to dry off
with simplicity

Monday, May 14, 2012


I will not succumb to your standards
I will not falter, nor pander
for your ways
I will stand for myself
I will stand for my own
And embrace the obstacles to come
Following my nature, straight home
These breaths grow weary, yet bold
Don't you see?
This is merely the beginning
To one of the greatest stories ever told
My story
One of dreams and tragedies
Sharp stories, matched to me
Of decisions and outcomes, awry
But definitive in motion
Relentlessly chasing the notion, of destiny

empty spheres

to cry without tears
all that release, are moans
short in tones, whispers and sighs escape
anchors tied to thoughts, flee from your mouth and onto the ground
holding one purpose, to tie you down
to all that has consumed your mind
filled your heart with ache
and what is it you take?
deep breaths, because right now it's all you can hold
your focus being molded, by the past
by what the future could have
if only, you'd make a move

A Siren's Song.

I've been hearing tunes of my own
Singing along, singing alone
Sailing the seas, of which I have yet to know
Until the winds swayed me to parts familiar
Uncomfortable, I heard a voice there
Sounding foreign in nature
But singing a tune, I once may have knew
A voice, haunting, yet so beautiful
The truth is though
I couldn't decipher, the cries I heard
Was it her?
Or the Siren that had taken her place?
Her voice, ravashing
Echoed from my ears to my heart
I could not look away, yet the urge to part
Scraped and pulled at me inside, as her song continued

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