Thursday, June 7, 2012

Embrace the burn

I'm sharpening the round
Pushing myself as close to the edge as possibly can
without falling
Saying goodbye to Mr. Sloth
And hello to Me
A rebirth is occurring
Sewing up spots torn
It's something we all must learn:
Stop flinching,
And embrace the burn
My hands move without control, a mind of their own. They reach up as I awake from slumber. All ten fingers pointing towards my face. Motionless, I watch as they reach for the skin on my bones. They scrape and peel, every inch, digging for something mute. Yet, they hear its voice. I hear it too. The sound of its humming drowns the sound of my screams, as shock consumes me. Finally, they grab a hold of something I've always felt. Something I've never seen. My soul. 


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