Thursday, June 21, 2012

Ocean Shores and Crashing Waves

She holds the ocean in her eyes. And the sound of crashing waves in her voice. Her skin, only part of the surface, sand on the shores. She breathes life, just in the way she is - the essence of living, the beauty of existing, speaks and flows, radiates, from her being. Everything she has been designed as, imperfections and all, has created something perfect. She holds the key to my heart, unlike any other. She sees through to my soul, speaking to me in ways even she is unaware of; subtle, the voice of her existence whispers, finely, into my ear and down to my heart. It has dug itself a home within my chest.

Or has it?

Has this cavern always been? Knowing that one day, she would come about, and rest in my soul?

Oh and how she rests. Her spirit tightly wraps itself within the cracks and crevasses of my being, becoming part of who I am. I can hear her voice now, and oh, how it's the only voice I long to hear - again and again.


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